It’s time for a change on the
Tuscaloosa City Board of Education.

Not only are taxpayers being cheated, but what’s worse, our children are being cheated. It’s time For a change!

On Tuesday, August 27th, we have
the opportunity to make that change.

Why We Need To Change

  • 84% failed ACT benchmarks.
  • 35% failed the reading portion of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam.
    At one school alone 106 out of 166 ninth graders failed to read at grade level.
  • 48% failed the language portion of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam.
  • 47% failed the social studies portion of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam.
  • Tuscaloosa City Schools rank 87th in performance.

What They’re Saying

For years, Tuscaloosa City schools have been paralyzed by a school board that does not function. We need a school board that will spend less time fighting with each other and more time fighting for our children.

What They Were Saying in 2010

“The board decided it lacks the ability even to identify
the problems.”
– Tuscaloosa News 2010

“No other system in Alabama has so many schools failing
to meet standards.
” – Tuscaloosa News 2010

What They’re Saying in 2013

“Board members drone on and on in endless discussions that create increasingly burdensome meetings without resolving the issue. It is good to be deliberate. But at some point, deliberation devolves into indecisiveness.” – Tuscaloosa News 2013